Trade Tutor: 101
Trade Tutor Advanced

For importers, exporters and financial institutions. Letters of credit and associated documents (financial documents, commercial invoice, transport documents etc.)

Introduction to Incoterms 2020 rules.


Trade Tutor: 101

Risks in international trade (customer credit risk, country risk, foreign exchange risk etc.)

Letters of credit: The letter of credit process; parties to the letter of credit; confirmed letter of credit; the letter of credit document

Financial and commercial documents, as used in letter of credit operations (bill of exchange, commercial invoice; transport document, insurance document etc.)

Introduction to Incoterms 2020 rules

Trade Tutor Advanced

All the topics covered in Trade Tutor: 101, plus the following additional letters of credit topics:

  • Checking documents for compliance
  • Special letters of credit (transferable, back-to-back, standby etc.)
  • Responsibilities of the banks under UCP 600
  • Settlement and reimbursement


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